Below are some general housekeeping items to help us build the best wiki possible to service the Otherland community for years to come.

Everyone welcome Edit

This Wiki is written for the players by the players. Not everyone has something fresh or new to add but everyone can contribute in some way. Perhaps you are an English major who can contribute some good old fashion grammar and punctuation edits or simply love to add screenshots or videos - we need your help too! To start editing, check out our Wiki Details page or simply click "Edit" to get started, but please read the article on what needs doing first.

Wiki Collaboration Edit

The very nature of a wiki is to work together as a team. Don't be offended if another contributor "fine tunes" your post or adds something you may have overlooked. That is what collaboration is all about! A wiki is designed to give us the chance to build something amazing and that takes teamwork.

Seek help when needed Edit

A wiki is a pretty strange and marvelous thing. It can be a powerful wealth of information but is fairly confusing when you are just getting started. I am no expert by any means but am here to help along with the other wonderful contributors. If you have a question, don't hesitate to ask.

We need your help Edit

This wiki can only be useful if we have lots of players contributing to it. Please spread the word to other potential contributors! You can do this easily on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, blogs, forums, etc. The more we use it and contribute meaningful content the more beneficial it will become.

Please cite your sources Edit

Not everything on the internet is free. If someone has taken the time to author content, they should get the credit for their efforts. When in doubt, a simple link to the content is better than plagiarizing another's work.

Please be respectful of our Wiki Edit

We have Admins in place to take down spam and other inappropriate content but please don't abuse your privilege to contribute. We wish to keep the ban-hammer in the closet along with the jar of body parts from the last guy who crossed us.

No trolls or bullies please Edit

We’re all here to help, even if we have different opinions or experience to draw from. Let’s be civil and communicate in non-offensive ways. Keep in mind, we are all on the same team here and we all want Otherland to be a huge success. If you have an issue with someone, please take it up with them via e-mail or private conversation. If they have done something that violates our guidelines or the Wikia terms of use, please report them.