Warriors can tank or DPS.

The Warrior is a heavy melee combat class armed with large two-handed weapons, massive armors and a specialized set of abilities. Warriors can not only deal a staggering amount of damage but can take it as well. With their ability to absorb more damage than any other class and skills to attract even the fiercest monster’s attention, Warriors are an integral to the survival of any adventuring team.

Traditional Warrior WeaponsEdit

  • Two-Handed Polearm
  • Two-Handed Axe
    • Heavy Attacks
      1. Tremor - deals direct damage to target
    • Special Attacks
      1. Fatal Swing - deals area damage in a cone
  • Two-Handed Club
    • Heavy Attacks
      1. Jump Slice - deals direct damage to target
    • Special Attacks
      1. Scorching Thrust - dashes to the target dealing direct damage
  • Two-Handed Mace
  • Two-Handed Sword
    • Heavy Attacks
      1. Flame Sweep - deals direct damage to target
    • Special Attacks
      1. Impale Drive - deals direct damage to target

Special and heavy attacks are mostly AoE oriented and cause maximum destruction.

Current SkillsEdit

Level Spell Cast time Target Range Cooldown Energy cost Description Stance
1 Warrior PrimeChampion
Stance: Prime Champion
Instant - - 5 sec - Adopt an aggressive posture increasing damage dealt by attacks and abilities. -
1 Warrior JaggedEdge
Jagged Edge
Instant Enemy 100 15 sec - Deal damage and apply a fatal wound effect on the target. Prime Champion
1 Warrior BloodStorm
Blood Storm
Instant - 125 20 sec - An interupting area of effect around the warrior that applies a damage over time to all effected enemies. Prime Champion
7 Warrior Rampage
Instant - - 25 sec - Increases the warrior's damage on subtargets. A direct damaging shot that reduces the target's block chance. Prime Champion
18 Warrior FightnFlight
Fight & Flight
Instant - - 30 sec - Increases your movement speed and final damage. Prime Champion
15 Warrior IronWill
Iron Will
Instant - - 120 sec - Removes all stun effects from yourself. Prime Champion
9 Warrior Enrage
Instant - 500 30 sec - Boost the party attack power and apply a damage over time effect on an enemy. Prime Champion
12 Warrior LifeTouch
Life Touch
2 sec Enemy 250 30 sec - Heal yourself whenever target enemy gets damaged. Prime Champion
9 Warrior PrimeGuardian
Stance: Prime Guardian
Instant - - 5 sec - Adopt a provoking posture increasing hate generated by all attaks as well as increasing armor. -
9 Warrior Cutman
Instant Enemy 100 15 sec - Inflicts a deep wound on the target causing them to bleed health over time. Prime Guardian
9 Warrior ParalyticStorm
Paralytic Storm
Instant - 125 20 sec - Smash the surrounding area damaging all enemies and briefly stunning them. Prime Guardian
9 Warrior MightySwing
Mighty Swing
Instant - - 25 sec - Increase damage dealt and number affected by cleave damage on default attacks. Prime Guardian
18 Warrior Aggressor
Instant Enemy 1500 30 sec - Taunt the target and increase your block chance. Prime Guardian
15 Warrior IronBlood
Iron Blood
Instant - - 120 sec - Change the composition of your avatar to greatly increase defences for a short time. Prime Guardian
9 Warrior WarCry
War Cry
Instant - 500 30 sec - Inspire allies increasing their damage while challenging enemies to face you in combat. Prime Guardian
12 Warrior LifeSpray
Life Spray
2 sec Enemy 250 30 sec - Heals your party whenever target enemy gets damaged. Prime Guardian
1 Recuperate
Channel - - - - heal a large amount of health while channeling for several seconds. Recuperate can only be used outside of combat. -


Warrior gear will have a red background behind the item icon on crafted gear. You will want to equip peices that have more Strength than Agility as Strength will give you a slight bonus when you view the item in your player window.

Stat Weights for an Warrior are Strength > Agility.