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User Interface displaying AH window and Inventory

The User Interface has a clean and sophisticated design with everything at your fingertips. Note the keys listed below are the default settings. They can be changed by the player.

Main InterfaceEdit

Key Function
I Inventory
P Paperdoll or Character Screen
L Quest Log
H Chat Window 
O Social pane
U Clan Window
T Battleground Queue
M Map
B Skill Book
N Mail interface
. Show/hide current weapon
, toggle between run and walk
(resets to run at login)
Auto run/walk
F Interact with game elements
such as portals
Esc System Menu

Action keysEdit

Key Function
Z Quick Slot (e.g. Booster, Med Kits, etc.)
X Quick Slot
C Quick Slot
F1 Equip 1st weapon choice
F2 Equip 2nd weapon choice
F3 Equip 3rd weapon choice
Q Heavy Attack
E Special Attack
1-8 standard action bar keys

Additional DisplaysEdit


Ping and Frame Rate indicator

Vendor/auction windows