The USpace is your own personal bit of space in the Otherland universe. You have various customisation options and can add rooms which carry out specific useful functions. You can invite others to your USpace and, with the aid of a special device given to you by an NPC who meets you in your USpace, you can teleport yourself back from almost anywhere.

USpace RoomsEdit

These rooms are for your use. They afford you the opportunity to store items in a separate inventory bank. There is a place to store SOMA. There is a place to store and use eDNA. The main viewer screen reveals pertinent data about your character. You can change the appearance of your space by spending Credits and can buy textures for your walls and floors, as well as music to be played.

Other USpace BenefitsEdit

You are able to get a USpace Beacon from your Personal Assistant which allows you to teleport directly to your USpace from anywhere in the network.

There are a number of quests involving your USpace, listed below.

USpace (Tutorial) Quests Edit

Num Quest Name Start End Exp Currency Reward
1 Rooms and walls Personal Assistant Personal Assistant 37 4 bits SOMAponics Room
2 More space
(see note)
Personal Assistant Personal Assistant 37 4 bits Weapon, Black SOMA Seed
3 Seed of SOMA Personal Assistant Personal Assistant 90 24 bits Armor (pants)
4 !Xabbu's Apartment Renie Renie 45 4 bits Portal Key: !Xabbu's Apartment
This is the end of the Tutorial, the next couple of quests, back in Lambda Mall start the main story
5 Renie's package Renie Renie 108 28 bits Lower face armor
6 More Simulations Renie autocompletes 54 5 bits Portal key to 5Isles
The main story starts with Survivors in a Distant Land in the 5Isles Simulation (for some reason called 'newbie' on the portals

Additional InformationEdit

There is, as of v5.5.5 in Early Release, a potential issue regarding the tutorial quest (More space). The game will allow you to purchase the labs before doing the tutorial. If you then install them, you have no room to install the lab in the tutorial causing it to break. There is, currently, no way to resolve this issue without the assistance of a developer.