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Otherland is an Unreal-powered MMORPG based on the highly acclaimed novels by Tad Williams. The Otherland experience takes place sometime after the conclusion of the series. Explore the multiverse, a network of virtual worlds with completely different styles from SciFi to Medieval! This allows for an incredible variety of visually stunning landscapes, NPCs, outfits and weapons, all connected by a gripping story line with hundreds of quests. NPC's even have their own lives to lead; some spend their time fishing, others sell their goods to other NPC's. DRAGO-Entertainment brought Otherland to Steam Early Access on September 10th 2015.

I have created this Wiki for the community to share our experience and help take the game to a new level. This is our wiki, created by the players for the players.

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A game wiki is only as good as its contributors and the support of the players. Building a successful wiki is easy if everyone pitches in. A simple image upload or punctuation or spelling correction is just as important as adding a lengthy quest walk-through. Every effort adds up and will make this an invaluable tool for our community. We need your help to make this a meaningful and useful one stop shop for all our Otherland informational needs. Before jumping in though, please take a little time to read up on What Needs Doing.

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Otherland News

2015 10 21 Oct 21 2015 - First Content Expansion and patch v5.5.12 was released. This includes both server side and client patches.

2015 10 12 Patch v5.5.8 was implemented at 16:00 (GMT+1). This included both server and client fixes.

2015 10 10 DRAGO-Entertainment have released a State of the game No 3 statement

2015 09 29 Patch v5.5.5 was implemented at 1500 (GMT+1). This included both server and client fixes.