21st October 2015 - Release of Otherland's First Content Expansion and Patch v5.5.12Edit


  1. First Content Expansion Release We are happy to announce our first expansion that expands the storyline of 8Squared with more than 120 new quests, giving players a chance to join the White Army forces for the very first time. Experience a multitude of new areas and locations within 8Squared such as the Mausoleum or the Red Castle, providing exciting gameplay for the next 10 levels. The level cap has also been increased beyond 40 to allow further progression and character development.The new, free content update called "The 8Squared Conflict" will go live tomorrow.
  2. Steam Link & Steam Controller Support added Otherland does not only play great on Valves just released Steam Link but now fully supports the Steam Controller! We have just uploaded an official profile that you can use to play the game from your couch - feel free to leave us comments or customize and upload your own profiles!
  3. Halloween Event / Content At the end of next week our big Halloween event will go live. We will share more information at a later stage, but you can look forward to a "re-decorated" Lambda Mall, special Halloween locations and themed quests that give exclusive rewards (want Pumpkins, anyone? Or you prefer PETS?).

Patch NotesEdit

  • Additional story line content has been released. Players can now experience the story up to the end of 8Squared (up to level ~45). Please keep in mind that to continue the storyline you will need to go back to the “8 Squared Past” and talk to the Time Lord.
  • Lots of terrain and collision issues have been fixed again.
  • The assassin lurking in the Fire Isle should be moving again.
  • The Oyster House side quest bridge, map and portal have been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented clans from levelling. Clan levelling XP is now correctly calculated. However, these is still a smaller issue with the clan levelling progress bar that might now always display correctly.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented a clan’s Message of the Day to be displayed correctly.
  • Clan UI received lots of new and hopefully helpful tooltips.
  • The Clan tab in the Social Window (O) can now be correctly used to promote other clan members to the clan leader.
  • Most of the missing localizations/texts/strings have been added.
  • A hard cap of level 50 has been enabled to prevent players who already reached a higher level than we anticipated to go beyond the level cap with the added content and their urge to explore beyond that, again