Marksman is a DPS class that specializes in crowd control.

Experts in ranged combat, Marksmen snipe and disable their enemies from afar with a variety of ranged weaponry. Their class abilities allows them to deal massive amounts of critical damage while using crowd control abilities to slow the onslaught of marauding forces. Marksmen are indispensable for encounters with large groups of enemies which would normally overrun the party.

Traditional Marksman WeaponsEdit

  • Assult Rifle
  • Shotgun
  • Sniper Rifle
  • Automatic Rifle
    • Heavy Attack
      1. Steel Shot - Deals damage over time to target.
    • Special Attack
      1. Laser Rain - Deals damage to target area.
  • Bow
    • Heavy Attack
      1. Achilles Shot - Deals damage over time to target.
    • Special Attack
      1. Furrow Blast - Deals direct damage and damage over time to target.
  • Crossbow

Special and heavy attacks of this class are usually centered on specific objectives and damage with the possibility for Crowd Control.

Current SkillsEdit

Level Spell Cast time Target Range Cooldown Energy cost Description Stance
21 Marksman HuntingParty
Hunting Party
Instant - 750 120 sec - Increase the damage of your party members. -
1 Marksman PrimeShot
Stance: Prime Shot
Instant - - 5 sec - Adopt a combative stance increasing the damage done by all weapon and class abilities. -
1 Marksman BackBlast
Back Blast
Instant Enemy 1000 25 sec - Fires a high impact shot knocking back your opponent. Prime Shot
12 Marksman BattleFieldDressing
Battlefield Dressing
Instant - - 120 sec - Heal yourself and remove all stun effects from yourself. Prime Shot
18 Marksman Prescience
Instant - - 90 sec - Reflect the incoming stun, silence, interupt and other effects for several seconds. Prime Shot
1 Marksman WeakeningShot
Weakening Shot
Instant Enemy 1500 30 sec - A direct damaging shot that reduces the targets block chance. Prime Shot
15 Marksman Entrap
Instant Location 1500 50 sec - Deal damage to all enemies in target area and root them. Prime Shot
9 Marksman TriggerHappy
Trigger Happy
Instant - 500 150 sec - Increase rate of fire for a short time. Prime Shot
4 Marksman TicTicBoom
Tic Tic Boom
Instant Enemy 1750 50 sec - Attach a timed explosion to the target which slowly burns before exploding to damage all enemies in the area. Prime Shot
9 Marksman PrimeAdherent
Stance: Prime Adherent
Instant - - 5 sec - Adopt an aggressive stance increasing the range of all ranged weapons. -
9 Marksman VortexBlast
Vortex Blast
Instant Enemy 1500 25 sec - Pull all surrounding enemies to the target. All affected enemies get stunned and damaged. Prime Adherent
12 Marksman Triage
Instant - 500 30 sec - Apply a healing over time efect to all party members around you. Prime Adherent
18 Marksman SureShot
Sure Shot
Instant - 500 90 sec - Greatly increase the chance of landing a critical strike. Prime Adherent
9 Marksman EntropicBlast
Entropic Blast
Instant Enemy 1500 30 sec - Deal damage and interrupt the target. After dealing damage drain the energy of the target over time. Prime Adherent
15 Marksman TimeTrap
Time Trap
Instant Location 1500 30 sec - A small chronological field clings to the target slowing their movement. Prime Adherent
9 Marksman SwerveDive
Swerve Dive
Instant - - 120 sec - Quickly dash out of harms way. Prime Adherent
9 Marksman Chrono
Instant - - 180 sec - Reduces the cooldowns of all party members. Prime Adherent
9 Marksman PenaltyShot
Penalty Shot
Instant Enemy 1500 50 sec - Attach a timed explosion to the target. The target burns for a few seconds before exploding. Prime Adherent
1 Recuperate
Channel - - - - heal a large amount of health while channeling for several seconds. Recuperate can only be used outside of combat. -


Marksman gear will have a green background behind the item icon on crafted gear. You will want to equip peices that have more Agility than Focus as Agility will give you a slight bonus when you view the item in your player window.

Stat Weights for the Marksman are Agility > Focus.