The trashcan of simulations. The storage of what has been forgotten or removed, a surreal collection of bits and pieces and leftovers of simulations that were destroyed when the mysterious entity called “The Other” collapsed before the current events.That code did not disappear, it is still very much alive and evolved from broken pieces into an emotionless enemy that sees every simuloid the same way: code that can be devoured to grow further.

Limbo QuestsEdit

Num Quest Name Start End Exp Currency Reward
1 First Steps Orlando 35 4 bits
2 Rescue Mission CritYouInDaFace Orlando 52 4 bits Weapon
3 The Gathering Orlando Orlando 35 4 bits Armor: Chest
4 Extracting Shadows Orlando Orlando 67 9 bits
5 Power on Orlando Orlando 45 8 bits
6 Falling Shadows Orlando SweetieCheng 135 11 bits Weapon
7 Core of the Cores SweetieCheng SweetieCheng 79 14 bits