Lambda Mall exists just outside of the Otherland network and is the main social hub filled with bars, shops and other commercial venues. It links all the various simulations together and acts as an in-between point for players. Connected with Lambda Mall are the Lantern District and Bad Sector.

Main Storyline QuestsEdit

Tutorial - First Visit to Lambda MallEdit

Num Quest Name Start End Exp Currency Reward
1 Welcome to Lambda Mall Renie Simuloid0652 37 4 bits
2 New Skin Simuloid0652 Simuloid0652 75 20 bits Armor (shirt)
3 Learning the ropes Simuloid0652 Simuloid0652 37 4 bits
4 A new home Simuloid0652 Simuloid0652 37 4 bits Uspace Beacon, Uspace decorations
The tutorial continues with A new home in USpace