Energizers can heal and DPS.

The Energizer is a mid-ranged class specializing in energy manipulation which grants them the unique ability to deal damage, or distribute it as health to their allies. The Energizer has the ability to convert their own health to healing energy for others. Energizers have the unique ability to pre-select multiple targets before a battle allowing for both group heals and non-targeted damage.

Traditional Energizer WeaponsEdit

  • Laser Weapon
  • Pulse Gun
  • Projectile Launcher

Special and heavy attacks are aimed to eliminate opponents and redistribute power to his allies.

Current SkillsEdit

Level Spell Cast time Target Range Cooldown Energy cost Description Stance
9 Energizer ArcDamage
Arc Damage
Instant Stickies 1500 20 sec 30 Adds a damage over time effect on the target. The damage is increased for all stickies on the target. Prime Specialist
18 Energizer ChargeCapacitor
Charge Capacitor
Instant - - 25 sec 0 Recharges your energy and boosts your speed. Prime Specialist
15 Energizer EqualizeNetwork
Equalize Network
Instant Stickies 1500 60 sec 30 Collect and evenly distribute the combined health of all allies in range. Prime Specialist
9 Energizer EscapeDiode
Escape Diode
Instant - 1500 25 sec 0 Converts your health into energy and increases your move speed. Prime Juicer
18 Energizer FloodCapacitor
Flood Capacitor
Instant - 250 25 sec 0 Recharges your energy. Prime Juicer
12 Energizer InsulatingSpark
Insulating Spark
Instant - 1500 120 sec 0 Increases the Stamina of your party members. Prime Specialist
9 Energizer LinkRecharge
Link Recharge
Instant Frinedly 1500 15 sec 15 Instantly heal the targeted ally as well as yourself. Requires friendly target. Prime Specialist
21 Energizer MeshGround
Mesh Ground
3 sec Stickies 1500 20 sec 30 Reduces the damage from enemies. Prime Juicer
15 Energizer NetworkSurge
Network Surge
Instant Stickies 1500 60 sec 30 Sticky targeted direct damage that interupts and removes all default block value. Requires Healbar Energy. Requires Stickied Targets. Prime Juicer
7 Energizer NodeRecharge
Node Recharge
Instant Enemy 1500 20 sec 30 Self heal with a boost in heavy weapon ability energy generation while doing damage to enemy. Requires enenmy target. PRime Juicer
21 Energizer PowerMesh
Power Mesh
3 sec Stickies 1500 25 sec 15 Converts energy into health over time for allies with stickies. Prime Specialist
9 Energizer PowerSpike
Power Spike
Instant Enemy 1250 25 sec 15 Instantly drain the targeted enemy and gain health. Prime Specialist
1 Energizer PrimeJuicer
Stance: Prime Juicer
Instant - - 5 sec - Adopt a disruptive posture increasing damage dealt by attacks and abilities -
9 Energizer PrimeSpecialist
Stance: Prime Specialist
Instant - - 5 sec - Adopt a conductive posture increasing healing done by abilities. While in this stance all Energizer weapons will also heal friendlies. -
1 Energizer ShortCircuit
Short Circuit
Instant Stickies 1500 20 sec 10 Sticky targeted damage over time with small radius area of effect damage that heals nearby allies of the caster. Requires Healbar Energy. Requires Stickied Targets. Prime Juicer
1 Energizer StickyCapacitor
Sticky Capacitor
Instant Friendly 2000 2 sec 0 Place a sticky on an ally or enemy to pretarget them for later abilities. -
9 Energizer SurgeProtector
Surge Protector
Instant - - 25 sec 0 Converts health into energy and increases your defenses. Prime Specialist
12 Energizer SurgePulse
Surge Pulse
Instant - 500 120 sec 0 Boosts your party primary stats. (45 sec party buff with a 2 min coold down) - Numbers need verified. Prime Juicer
4 Energizer Taser
Instant Enemy 1250 25 sec 20 A powerful electrical blast that stuns your target. Requires Healbar Energy. Prime Juicer
1 Recuperate
Channel - - - - heal a large amount of health while channeling for several seconds. Recuperate can only be used outside of combat. -


Energizer gear will have a blue background behind the item icon on crafted gear. You will want to equip peices that have more Focus than Agility as Focus will give you a slight bonus when you view the item in your player window.

Stat Weights for an Energizer are Focus > Agility.