There are 4 distinct classes in Otherland that offer a variety of gameplay. Each class has traditional weapons that are associated with their particular skillset, however they can wield any weapon to take advantage of the skills attached to the specific weapon type. Weapons are hot swappable to bring a lot of interesting options to combat.

Note: During the tutorial you will notice that the classes have a distinct color associated with them such as red for warrior and green for marksman. While crafting gear Hawkmoth noticed that gear with certain primary stats had a coorisponding icon background color.

When she equipped gear with similar stat numbers, she noticed that the appropriate gear gave a bonus to the classes primary stat when comparing stats in the player window. For instance the three pieces of gear shown in the slideshow when equipped resulted in the following stats when viewed:

As seen on a Marksman

Stat Blue Gear Green Gear
Focus 195 144
Agility 177 218
Sniper Dmg 68 68
Crit Dmg 60 60
Hit Rating 23 23
Crit Rating 22 22
Armor Pen 38 38
Otherland class overview (poor quality)-1

Otherland class overview (poor quality)-1