Character Stats are located on the Player Interface and accessed by selecing [P] as the default key. Stats are manipulated by equiping gear that increases the stats you desire.

Some gear in Otherland has sockets to improve or upgrade your gear. In addition to traditional gear, mods are available to further enhance your character attributes.  Primary Stats

  • Agility
  • Strength
  • Focus

Each class has two main stats that you, as players, will focus on - the primary and secondary stat.

These stats are increased by items and you gain a small amount everytime you level. In the final version it's 3 x Level for the Primary and 2 x Level for the Secondary.

Additional StatsEdit

  • Armor Rating - Reduces the damage you take.
  • Stamina - Increases your character health. This stat increases as you level and is found on most gear. 
  • Critical Rating - Increases your chance for a critical hit.
  • Hit Rating - Decreases the miss chance of your attacks.
  • Att Power Rating - Increases your damage output.
  • Armor Pen Rating - Decreases the armor of your target thus his damage reduction.
  • Crit Dmg Rating - Increases the critical hit multiplier.
  • Heavy Rating - Increases your Heavy Attack damage.
  • Special Rating - Increases your Special Attack damage.
  • Block Rating - Increases your chance to block an attack. Blocked attacks deal only 50% of the normal damage you would take.
  • Dodge Rating - Increases your chance to dodge an attack.
  • Parry Rating - Increases your chance to parry an attack.

Stat weightsEdit

Primary and secondary stats for the classes
Class Primary Stat Secondary Stat
Warrior Strength Agility
Assassin Agility Strength
Energizer Focus Agility
Marksman Agility Focus

The primary stat has a much higher value when calculating the final damage / healing of your character (without going into much detail your primary stat divided by 2 is added to the damage / healing of auto attacks). The secondary stat works the same (but is divided by 4).