Assassins are a DPS class with Stealth and Teleport abilities.

The Assassin is a light melee combat class specializing in stealth and teleportation abilities allowing them to ambush their enemies. Assassins possess a wide range of attacks to unleash their fury in a fast paced barrage of attacks to control the fight and finish opponents quickly. With their close range and light armor, Assassins continuously walk a fine line between damage dealt and damage suffered.

Traditional Assassin WeaponsEdit

  • Quarter Staff
  • One-Handed Sword
  • Dual Wield Daggers

Special and heavy attacks are designed to destroy individual opponents without mercy.

Current SkillsEdit

Level Spell Cast time Target Range Cooldown Energy cost Description Stance
1 Stealth
Instant - - 5 sec - Blend the environment around yourself in order to remain hidden. -
15 Assassin Vanish
Instant - - 180 sec - Break from combat and enter stealth. -
1 Assassin PrimeKiller
Stance: Prime Killer
Instant - - 5 sec - Adopt an intrusive stance increasing attack power on all attacks. -
9 Assassin HyperLink
Hyper Link
Instant Enemy 350 30 sec - Place a limiter on the target. If they get too far away the limiter will trigger rooting them in place for a time. Prime Killer
12 Assassin Wrack
Instant Enemy 500 45 sec - Inflict debilitating pain on your target reducing their damage output for a short time. Prime Killer
18 Assassin Vitality
Instant - 500 45 sec - Boosts your party health regeneration. Prime Killer
1 Assassin Obliterate
Instant Enemy 50 10 sec - Interupting attack that does increased damage when used from stealth. Prime Killer
4 Assassin PoisonCloud
Poison Cloud
Instant Location 1200 40 sec - Infuse the nearby area with poison damaging all nearby enemies. Prime Killer
21 Assassin SelfSacrifice
Self Sacrifice
3 sec - 150 5 sec - Deal damage to yourself in order to magnify and transmit that damage to all enemies nearby. Prime Killer
9 Assassin PrimeDefender
Stance: Prime Defender
Instant - - 5 sec - Adopt an elusive stance increasing chance to bend incoming attacks as well as increasing threat generated by all damage done. -
9 Assassin Redirect
Instant Enemy 350 30 sec - Taunt the target and decrease its power. Prime Defender
12 Assassin Invert
Instant Enemy 500 45 sec - Heals your party whenever you dodge an attack. Prime Defender
18 Assassin SilentCry
Silent Cry
Instant - 500 45 sec - Boosts your party critical chance. Prime Defender
9 Assassin Waylay
Instant Enemy 50 10 sec - Deals a large amount of damage and increases your threat when in stealth. Deals a moderate amount of damage and does not increase the threat if not in stealth. Prime Defender
9 Assassin AcidCloud
Acid Cloud
Instant Location 1200 40 sec - Infuses selected area with acid lowering the defense of all enemies inside it. Prime Defender
21 Assassin Concussion
3 sec - 1500 5 sec - Damage yourself and decrease the heavy and special energy of enemies around you. Prime Defender
1 Recuperate
Channel - - - - heal a large amount of health while channeling for several seconds. Recuperate can only be used outside of combat. -


Assassin gear will have a purple background behind the item icon on crafted gear. You will want to equip peices that have more Agility than Strength as Agility will give you a slight bonus when you view the item in your player window.

Stat Weights for an Assassin are Agility > Strength.