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• 1/19/2019

Is anyone still interested in completing this Wiki?

I've recently started playing and will add what I can.

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• 10/7/2015

Wiki Contributor meeting

I have some very important news for the team I would like to discuss. I would like to have a quick pow wow if you guys have some time this week. Please let me know your availability asap. I normally wouldn't ask for a meeting but this is very big news.
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• 10/2/2015

Received care package from Lucjan

I got my first batch of official images from the Dev team today. I am stuck at work but will start uploading them as I find time during the day. I have obtained all the skill icons for the classes as well as logo, favicon and website background images. This may call for a rebranding!
I would like to use the skill icons to create sweet sortable table on the class pages. Has anyone collected the tool tip info for the other classes? I added the Energizer skills so far so will start with that one later today. Hopefully we can come up with a nice format to use for this. If we like it, maybe we can use it as a sort of template for items / recipes etc. /cheers!
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• 9/29/2015

Patch 5.5.5

29th September 2015 The servers will be going down at 15:00 (GMT+1) for approximately two hours in order to apply a patch. v5.5.5. A client patch will also be downloaded automatically via Steam.
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• 9/27/2015


I'm trying to make the category USpace to connect quests to that zone. The problem I'm having is that it doesn't properly link to the USpace page. Which I think is due to it originally being called Uspace, and I name changed it to USpace and the system isn't connecting the dots when I make it a category.
Or I don't know what's going on, and the whole thing is goofy.
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• 9/27/2015


I added category links to the two current templates. They provide a nice way to group associated content together. Special:Categories shows the current list of categories that we have.
I'm updating the pages we've already done with categories as and when I come across ones without them...
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• 9/27/2015

navbox looks useful

When we have all the 'main' pages done, we could consider putting a navbox on the bottom of each of them to aid navigation on the site.
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• 9/26/2015

State of the Game post on Drago forum

26th September 2015 DRAGO-Entertainment have released a State of the Game statement on their forum. They're fixing more bugs, preparing more side quests and storyline quests for the next 10-12 levels and we expect to see mail, auction and USpace storage back online early next week.
I've added this to the news section on the front page.
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• 9/25/2015

This forum has technical issues

Thread:945 (used to be Quest Templates) has lost its title making it impossible to select from the forum page. I've tried resetting the title by editing the item and replacing the title but it won't save it.
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• 9/25/2015

What needs doing and templates

I've taken the liberty of creating two new pages.
What Needs Doing and Templates
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• 9/25/2015

What template if any are we going to use for topics like weapons , armor, etc. etc ?

I was wondering about this and also which  one to do after the Quests are finished ? It would be nice to kinda have a road map.
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• 9/24/2015

Sortable Quest Lists

What do you guys think about using sortable lists like the one I added on the Limbo page? I was thinking about Making one big list with all locations and placing it somewhere. How do you feel about it? Do you like the sortable list? Do you think it should be one giant list or broken down by zones?
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• 9/25/2015
Here's a quick and easy template that we could use for the quest pages for the sake of consistency - assuming everyone is happy with it...just create a new page, paste the text below in and add some details! Remember to leave a blank line between the section headers and the text otherwise the wiki will merge them into a humongous lump...
I used it to create a few pages to see how they look: e.g. Tend the Wounds

Quick template for use when adding quest articles to the Otherland wiki
Delete sections not required, including the heading lines
Note the image tag in the infobox does not need wiki markup, just the filename e.g. pic.jpg

{{infobox oth-quest
| title = quest title (if required)
| image =
| caption = whoever is in the image (if required)
| start = who gives the quest
| end = who you have the quest in to
| level = quest level
| location = quest zone
| rewards = any rewards for successful completion
| previous = previous quest on the chain (or none)
| next = next quest in the chain (or none)

== Description ==

Add Quest Description if needed

== Quick Walkthrough ==

* steps needed to complete the quest
* steps needed to complete the quest

== Quest Dialogue ==

npc chit chat

== Rewards ==

* completion reward
* completion reward

== Additional Information ==

any quest notes
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• 9/23/2015

Found this - youtube walkthroughs for most of the quests...

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• 9/23/2015

Quest pages

Before we get too carried away with fleshing out the quest pages we need to make sure we're all singing from the same sheet. We seem to have a few different 'designs' already. We could do with a template of some sort to ensure consistency.
kiarrasw posted the following on the Steam forum (http://steamcommunity.com/app/376310/discussions/0/520518053439745189/)  so this is probably the way we should go here. Anyone want to make a template or have any other thoughts?
What I would like to see to flesh these out a bit more is to have an image of the quest giver on the right with a quick facts on the left.
The quick facts should include the following if available:- Level Requirement if applicable- Quest giver Name- Zone / location- Prerequisite Quest if applicable- Next Quest if chain quest- Reward
Below the image and quick facts I would like to see the quest dialogue- Description- Progress- Completion
After that we can add Tips or walk-through information with a slideshow or short video for the more challenging quests.'
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• 9/23/2015

Quest section.

As of 9/23/2015 :
All the quest and most of the quest giver's now have their own pages linked to them. 
                                                                                     Thank you to everyone ,
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• 9/20/2015

Renaming a page

http://otherland-mmo.wikia.com/wiki/Quests, number 23 has a typo. I tried renaming it but ended up with redirects and all sorts of messy things going on. I managed to revert my changes but it really needs someone with a better knowledge of the wiki to do this - before it gets too many links and gets even more messy :)
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• 9/20/2015

Early Access Oddities page?

Was wondering if we should create a page to list some of the more perplexing oddities and workarounds. People do tend to come to wiki's for help so it would seem, to me, like a reasonable idea :)
Oh...and..hello everyone!
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